Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I'm Learning to Sew

Garments, that is.  I have sewed for many, many years, sewing dresses for my girls, and a few things for me.  I gave up on clothing for me because I don't know how to pick styles without trying them on first. So I stick to quilts and tablerunners etc., things that don't have to be fitted.

But my twin daughters sew.  I even taught them to a point.  Now they far exceed me.  They're not afraid of doing fitted garments.  And women enjoy coming to them to have fancy dresses sewn for them.
But I did sew a couple of aprons last week for a wedding shower gift and got lots of help.  We didn't follow the pattern exactly and I had to get their help almost every step of the way.  They taught me a little trick with putting on binding very neatly that they should put on YouTube.   I was happy with how they turned out.

It's an Emmaline apron.  I did not make it reversible because I used a heavier weight fabric.  I didn't want the apron to feel to heavy. I made the hot pads to match.  Every new wife needs aprons and hot pads.

 Veronica and Victoria  --  Thank You!

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