Friday, October 1, 2010

This Quilt Needs Help!!!

I really like the  quilt I quilted for one of my customers.  I decided to give it a try as a crib quilt.  I'm using EQ5 to help me design it.  I have  gotten it on computer to the place I like it.  I'm just using fabrics from the program to give me an idea of how it could look.  I am going to do the applique center with another design from a book I have.  I just want an idea of how it could look and also sizing.

This is what I have.  Also the computer colors are somewhat off from what it really looks like.  At first I used directly from my stash.  Then I took some out  and drove to 1 downtown fabric stores and bought some more fabric.  The mess in the middle is supposed to represent the applique.  Maybe more pink?  I don't have border fabric yet.  I like to pick that out when the center is done.

Any ideas?


  1. I like the dark pink border around the center applique and would like to also see it inside the center, like in the drawing.

  2. Rather than doing mitered corners in the border, why not corner stones, each with a heart that matches those in the center. The point on each heart could point inward from the center. That would give it a more balanced color distribution. Besides I always like a quilt with a little red in it - as it symbolizes the hearth of the home.

  3. Being that I am EQ illiterate, can you share what size your blocks are? I need to make a quick baby gift, and this looks like it might work.


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