Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Is it Crepe Today?

Monday night my husband said "You know, I wouldn't mind having crepes again."  My reaction was  two-fold. "UM Yes, I love crepes" and  "OH my aching back".
Yesterday, I made crepes for dinner.  It was an all day task.  Because of my aching back, I got a good start in the morning with the crepe themselves.  While in Ohio at an antique store I bought this not so antique book (from the 70's) for $1 because I love crepes.

 I  set up my work station, because I can't stand up very long and set to it.

I used 2 pans, although they aren't actual crepe pans, they work just fine.  My crepes aren't perfectly round either.

I cooked a total of 47 crepes.  I had to make the recipe  twice, since it only made 23 when it said 32-36.  I either made them too thick or too large.  But I did need enough  to feed my 9 person family. 

Rabbit Trail  -  Feeding 9 isn't too hard.  Monday I fed 12, counting the baby that isn't born yet.  She needs to eat also.  I made a double batch of spaghetti, because I never make enough anyways.  I'm using some of  that leftover sauce on the crepe.

This one is a salmon and hard-boiled egg filling.
The salmon is some that my boys caught in the
 Nisqually River and I had frozen.

This is a cream cheese and spaghetti sauce filling blended up.  I used some leftover sauce and added a spoonful on top since it seemed to blend in so finely.
 Out of the oven ready to eat. I made a sauce (this is where I strayed from the recipe) because we really like sauces.  I put some swiss cheese in it.  It was liked more than I thought it would be.

This one was really ate up.  Cream cheese with spaghetti sauce and mozzarella?  Yes, it was good.

And those dessert crepes!  Pear with a caramel sauce.

Here's Veronica enjoying the cream cheese and berry crepe.  The berries were a mix of all bags in the freezer that just had a few berries in them.  When making smoothies the kids just seem to start a new bag of fruit because the other bag might not have enough in it.  I think she's enjoying it.

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  1. We also love Crepes, I have to say I don't think I would have EVER thought of spaghetti sauce and cream cheese.. may have to try that one on the daycare kids!
    Thanks for the idea!


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