Sunday, October 17, 2010

Time Off

One sees a lot of these kinds of pictures around, representing a relaxing time at the beach.

Here is my rendition of that picture.  Of course, it's October and it's Ocean Shores.  The weather was actually perfect and we had a great time.  We did not stay out on the beach for long though.

Doesn't the sun look pretty out on the water.  We saw the moon shine on the water also, just couldn't get a picture of that, but it was lovely.

It's wonderful to be able to take a couple of days with my husband and just relax.  We don't do much of any thing and enjoy that very much. 


  1. I'm so glad you had nice weather. The sun does look beautiful on the water.

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  3. Wow! Joel and I were at Ocean Shores just this last weekend too. We just relaxed and enjoyed each other and baby Sonya. We also took a nice long walk. Very enjoyable since I don't get to do that much towards the end of pregnancy. I felt very light. We'll not as light as I 'd like to be. :)


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