Monday, October 4, 2010

Good News!

It's off the frame.  Josiah and Eva's quilt got done one day before my estimated time limit for it.  Now I've trimmed it and into the wash it goes to get all the blue marks and water soluble thread out.  I put a little white vinegar in just to make sure there's no mistake with those deep plums running.  I had washed them before I used them, but it can still be a  little scary.

P.S.  It turned out just fine.


  1. White vinegar keeps the colors from running?

  2. It's beautiful. Eva will love it!

  3. beautiful...yes after all that work it would be a shame if the colors ran...have you ever tried the Color Catcher sheets? A friend told me about them after color ran on one of my projects that I had even prewashed


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