Friday, August 6, 2010

Problem Day

The weather is cooling down, so I won't be sitting outside doing my applique for Eva as I have been doing for her quilt everyday.  I've been taking on the pressure of having to get it done by her wedding, but that is something I don't need to do.  It'll be a great heirloom even if she gets it a year late (which she won't).  When the pressure comes on, it doesn't become enjoyable anymore, because you have to get it done.  I do really enjoy this  quilt.
Today I'm cutting out the outer borders and am going to trace my pattern for the trapunto onto them.  After making the pattern, I traced it onto one panel and then realized I should have started from the center as I had made the panel longer than needed.  So I washed the blue out and it's in the dryer now.  I think I'll sew the whole quilt together first and then trace to make sure everything works out right. My border as I'm drawing.

I spent the morning on my longarm doing a customer quilt. At one point, I saw the back had a wrinkle in it, so I'm ripping out to ease the wrinkle in.  I never had that happen before.
 Also I think the screw got stripped on the knob that keeps my quilt taut at the top of the frame. So saggy quilt.  My son can fix that. I have a spare knob if need be. I just have to wait til he gets home.
I did get most of the quilt quilted and the pattern for Eva's quilt is ready to go.  So things are moving slowly along

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  1. Sorry to hear about the wrinkle on the back. That is a problem I have had in the past as a home machine quilter... very annoying when that happens.


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