Tuesday, August 17, 2010

How Do You Dry Your Clothing?

Our dryer finally went out on us.  We've been expecting it to for the last few months.  It got a loud banging noise and it wouldn't turn off by itself.  I had to set the timer or just keep track.  That didn't always work.  When this all started happening, we considered buying a new one then, but at that time money was a little tight and I thought we could just wait.  It dried the clothing very nicely.
 But Sunday it went out and money is more plentiful right now.   The weather is beautiful and I also have friends.  The jean loads I dried outside.  This is another use of my backyard.  I don't have a clothesline.  With the help of capable sons, my new dryer should be all ready to go this evening. And it's propane, not electric.  I hear they are much faster.
This is one of two hydrangea bushes I own.  The other has no flowers.  This one has 2.
It is in a shady spot and this is only it's second summer.  Maybe that's the problem.  But the flowers are gorgeous.


  1. Mom,
    I am glad to hear about the new dryer. I am even more glad that the money is more freely flowing. I wanted to remind you you about my birthday coming up. Ha Ha, just kidding.
    I do like reading your blog and I am very blessed and thank Jesus that you are my mom.

  2. Hi and thanks for visiting my blogg. Today was my time to visit yours...
    You make lots of wonderful quilt and I am specially impressed with your quilting skills! Take care and have more fun.

  3. Good luck with the new dryer! Just keep in mind that if it runs hotter, you may end up shrinking a bunch of stuff, even things you thought were already shrunk. Ask me how I know.

    p.s. I LOVE drying on a clothesline - especially sheets. They smell so good!

  4. That's what lawn furniture is for, isn't it?
    My kids think so. They hang their clothes all over mine, wet or dry!


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