Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My Porch and Backyard

Summer is here and I love it.  I have shown pictures of my yard, but the photos never did them justice.  You couldn't feel the breeze and hear the water and they looked rather bland.  What helps make a yard a great place is the people in it.
Having some friends over.

The children enjoying the man-made creek

 Getting wet even!  It's not very deep.


We have parties in our yard.

School children sometimes take field trips through the woods and have lunch in our yard.

Sometimes the twins have photo shoots to show off the clothing they sell.

They ride in carts,

chase and catch chickens,

and swing on our wonderful tree swing.
Sometimes we even do work in our yard.

 There's also mowing that we do, but I have no pictures of that.
Sometimes games
 We've even had a volleyball net set up and played, but that's gone now and no pictures of it.
Our Porch - a wonderful place to sit

and share with others.  My sister and family from Kansas were here.  They enjoyed the cool 85 degree weather.
My husband enjoys reading

And I like quilts hanging off my railing.

 Many times we end the day with a campfire in our nice big pit, roasting marshmallows and making s'mores.

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