Friday, August 13, 2010

Evelyn Received Her Gift

And all she had to do to get it was to be born.  Isn't that great?

Sometimes she even does things that make other people (like her Mom) have to quit whatever they want to do and take care of her.  She gets hungry and messes her diaper and I'm sure she cries because she want's something.  And she doesn't make any money or help clean the house.  Why should she get gifts?

 Because I love her.  It doesn't matter if she can ever do anything to benefit me.  That's the way the Lord thinks about us.  He wants to give us gifts, even though I'm always sinning.  Evelyn is receiving her gift. Sometimes I fight it off, or back away from it.  But the Lord only wants to bless us.

I'm sure Evelyn will enjoy this quilt.

It was made just for her.

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  1. O what a beautiful quilt. And what a beautiful baby too!
    What a talent you have to quilt like that - something I'd love to do, but have never learnt. Maybe one day..... sigh! That'll be the same one day when I'm going to do all the things I have no time for just now! All the reading, knitting, quilting, decorating, .... You get the picture?! And in case, you are wondering - I wouldn't swap where I am - no spare time included - for the world!
    Love, Anne x


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