Friday, July 22, 2011

Lattice Cardigan

Daisy is posing for us now in a lattice cardigan.  I have made this one before and really liked the pattern, so this time I made it in a larger size.  I used the same yarn, which is a Caron that you can get at Joann's because I really liked the sheen and the way that it lay.  The yarn was a little splitty to use which I didn't like.  I don't usually buy my yarn at Joann's either, but this one I liked.

 I like the buttons I bought for this sweater also.  The pewter seems to go nicely with it.

And the lattice is not difficult to do.  Even Daisy's mom could do it.  The instructions of the pattern were more clear than the example they said you could go to.

 Daisy did a great job for us.  Ravelry link is here.

Are you living in a heat wave?  Are you looking for a way to escape because the hot weather is just too much for you?   Just come to western Washington.  Here we have cooler temperatures and even rain showers for your refreshment.  
Today we are actually going to have some sun and 72 degree weather.  My daughters are planning a tea party on our lawn.  We have to take advantage of every relatively nice day to enjoy the outdoors. Enjoy your day also.


  1. Daisy does a great job as a model and the cardigan is lovely.

    No heat wave here. Right now, the sun is shining for the first time in a week. If we're lucky, it'll reach 16*C ( 60*F). We're having an unusually cold, wet, windy, winter!

  2. Very nice cardi,. I'd like to knit this for a 3 yr,. old but couldn't see the pattern anywhere

  3. Wow - Even Daisy's mom could make this????!! I'll let her know. ;)


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