Thursday, July 21, 2011

Pumpkin Tunic

I have been knitting sweaters.  Every evening.  But I've only liked to show them with models and that sometimes takes me a while.  But now I have one for you today and one tomorrow.
This is a tunic modeled by Daisy.  It is one of the Sirdar patterns that I enjoy doing.  It seems when you get good at reading a type of pattern, you can do all of them easily that are written by the same person.  I've got the knack of them down.

 I knitted it from a cotton blend yarn that is very soft. I chose this color because I hadn't used it before and wanted to try one that I wouldn't naturally pick.  Even when knitting it, I wasn't sure if it was a good choice, but it does look very nice on this pattern.

 I like how the spotted sunlight comes in on these photos.

 I think eyelet sweaters are some of the nicest.

It must be time to go home now.


  1. Lovely tunic, gorgeous colour, beautiful model.

  2. the sweater is lovely! Daisy is very cute as well! nicw work.


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