Wednesday, July 20, 2011

3 New Blocks - Ode to the Thirties

Over the last week, yesterday and a day last week, I did these blocks.
This first one was pretty easy.  I had cut the pieces for all these blocks a few weeks ago but didn't write down any special instructions to remember about them.  This block I had cut the triangles for paper piecing, but them pieced them in the ordinary way, and they were way to big.  So I ripped and cut them down.

This block had so many pieces it took a while to figure out what was what.  I must say I'm getting Eleanor Burns' method of Flying Geese down.  It's simple and your sew twice and you about have it.  It's a great way to do them.

And the spools.  I have done Y seams before and these came together very quickly.  I am seeing that for pictures I need to use a straight edge to keep the edge of the square even with the edge of the lens.  Or stand straight on top of the picture so there's no angling.

This is linked to Esther's WOW  and Freshly Pieced.


  1. Your blocks are so cool! I especially like the layered effect on the second one.

  2. Looking good! That one star block must have taken *forever* to put together!

  3. Great blocks they look so lively!


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