Friday, July 8, 2011

A Day with Ode to the Thirties

I went to my quilt guild in the morning.  Martha leads us fearlessly in this project.  We were doing 4 smaller squares this morning.  She had us paper piecing and had printed out all the patterns.  What a time saver for me.
I had gone with my fabrics all cut (knowing it was paper piecing), therefore saving me lots of time.

I did some of the work at the guild, but then I came home and continued to sew on it.
Here it is coming along.

 These 4 are all done and trimmed.  They are 6" when finished

I still had a little time before I started dinner, so I finished up this block also.  Because I want to make the whole quilt I have a lot to do on my own.  This is the first of those.  Remember those little packets I had cut out before?  I had started sewing this one, but just completed it.  It looks like the stem almost doesn't hit the orange flower.  There's a little fix I'll have to do.

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  1. Hi, Elaine! Thanks for linking up at BOMs AWAY, What a perfect project this is for 30's fabric. Being a history person, I definitely am going to need to do a 30's quilt sometime sooner rather than later.


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