Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Works in Progress

I finished the flowers on my Heart's Desire blocks and am now doing the yellow circles.  I may even get them all done this evening.

 See those little yellow circles.  It takes a bit of work to make sure they are round.

Eloise is another work in progress.  She is just starting to really crawl.  We missed her last week when she was on vacation and that week makes a big difference in her progress.  It's amazing.
Here she is with Uncle Chris helping him clean up his shop.  She is a big help because of the joy she gives, without even trying.

 And here she is with her dad in their garden.

 Her name is Eloise Joy.  Isn't she so aptly named?

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  1. Eloise Joy is certainly apt! She's so delightful. Time to start making the house child-friendly, Grandma!

  2. Love your block. I still can't get my circles round. I have decided to finish all my four blocks and then go back and try them again using the thread pull method to see if I can get them more round. Great work! : )

  3. Your flowers are almost as lovely as Eloise Joy :)
    Mac (in the Netherlands)

  4. What a beautiful name...and a beautiful child! I know, the circles are tricky...but worth it once you get them just so.


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