Saturday, June 25, 2011

Taking Advantage of Small Blocks of Time

I've just had small blocks of  time this past week to work on projects, so I've taken that time to cut out blocks for my Ode to the 30's quilt.  In my guild, we're only doing 1 block a month for 12 months, so I figured if I want to do the whole quilt, I'd better start somewhere.  Block #9 is the first that we're not doing at our guild class, so I started cutting it out and decided to just keep cutting blocks for a while.  I got a few packets made up.

And then I had time to start sewing block #9, but didn't finish it  yet.  It's coming.

These are the clematis that are blooming on the back side of my house.  We have to actually walk back there to enjoy them. Otherwise we never know they are there.

 The flowers are about 6" across. So large. I love them.

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  1. Oooo! I'd be walking back there a lot - they are so beautiful!


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