Monday, June 6, 2011

A Sailin'

Well, not real sailing, but applique sailing. 
The weather turned beautiful on Saturday - 80 degrees - and I decided I must find something to do where I could sit outside.  I'd done all my weeding when the weather wasn't so nice.  So now I could really relax in the heat.
Luke's quilt became the plan.  I could sit out and applique little sailboats.  I prepared in the morning using my new Floriani which I really like.  They are pretty simple so it didn't take long to get ready.  And I got them all done in that one afternoon.
Pretty cute, aren't they?


  1. Those are darling! Isn't it fun sitting outside with a bit of handwork when the weather is so nice? 80° here would be considered a cold front, but it would be welcome, especially if it were accompanied by rain! I need somewhere to sail those cute little boats!

  2. That is so cute - bright and cheery.

  3. I love the sail boats and the colors you selected...


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