Monday, May 23, 2011

New Sailboat Quilt Design

A friend of mine just had a baby and I'm going to make him a quilt.  I did a train quilt quite a few years ago for their older son.  I decided to do a sailboat quilt for this new son.  After all, his grandpa owns a boat.
I made a rendition in EQ5, but I'm not super proficient with the program.  I get around in it enough to get an idea laid out and then be able to have measurements.  So this doesn't look professional.

The blank line on top will be all those same squares on the bottom.  I'm using fabrics from my stash that will work and buying from my local stores also.  I am still working on getting them all together.  But I  think it will be cute.  I will also get his name and birthdate embroidered on it.
Here is his brother's quilt.  He is (I think) 7 and still has it folded up on his bed.


  1. Cute! What bright colors and I love the sailboat concept.

  2. I love your new quilt design and I think I may borrow some ideas from it to make a baby sunflower quilt!


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