Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Our 30th Anniversary Getaway

It will be 30 years for Chris and I next month.  But we took some time away now to celebrate it.  We went to the Bavarian village of Leavenworth, WA.  It's a small little town situated in the mountains. Very scenic and bustling.

This town used to be a logging town, but it got expensive for the train to keep coming through, so the town spent a few decades in losing business and people. In the 60's the leaders of the town that wanted to save it thought of the idea of a tourist town in the Alps.  With it's beautiful location that was a great idea and it worked.

 It is bustling. Below is the art fair that happens every weekend in the summer.

And the view at our resort.  I always love looking out at this.

And some of the work I did on my Heart's Desire block.  
Now the funny thing about this wonderful time we had together, that we're so in love, we spaced out in getting our suitcase into the car.  It is still in Leavenworth.  Maybe it's because on other vacations we have so many children we've trained to make sure everything is loaded up and they weren't here to do that.

Whatever it is, my some of my children are looking forward to the 7 hour trip of going there and bringing it back.  Some nice new clothing (that weren't cheap)  and the applique with all the time (not so much money) put into it would be nice to get back.  This applique is a WIP and hopefully I won't have to do these squares over again.
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  1. Hehe!!! I've done a similar thing, although it fortunately involved only half the driving. What a great vacation, though.

  2. Elaine it's our 30th coming up too! Hmmm where should we go for a special getaway. That looked like fun and beautiful!

  3. Beutiful photo's. I've always wanted to go there to spend a weekend. Maybe this summer. It kind of reminds me of Sisters Oregon the way they have set up a theme. Sisters is more pioneer but still a super fun place to go and visit. : )

  4. What a beautiful place to celebrate. It's our 30th next Monday that is quite a view to compete with !! Hope you get your case back. Happy Days Chris

  5. What a wonderful place.....yes, we lived there for 34 wonderful years, raising two daughters. Please go back there again and again, each time you will see something new.

  6. Wow, what a beautiful location! Sorry to hear about your suitcase, how annoying... reminds me of the time I went camping and forgot my sleeping bag (oops) - worked out ok in the end though :)

  7. Oh dear!

    WM and I celebrated our 30th (and 50th birthdays)in 1977 with a trip to Central Australia. We took DD, our only child, because it was also the year of her 21st!

  8. Congratulations and thank you for sharing such wonderful scenes, what a nice getaway

  9. Thirty years sure goes fast, doesn't it? It is wonderful that you live so close to such scenic places! I am a bit jealous!


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