Thursday, June 23, 2011

What! Another New Project?

Yes, another new one.  One thing about quilters they all have quite a few projects in the making.  And I am the same way.  
This is a quilt for a new couple getting married.  It won't be done for their wedding day, but when it's done, they'll have it forever.
The bride to be came over bringing a pile of books that I had loaned her and showed me exactly what she liked.  I always do this when making a wedding quilt because I want to make them what they want.
This is the EQ version.

It should be pretty simple and fun to do.

This is a view from my porch of my neighbor's porch.  I thought it was so cute to see Eloise's clothes hanging on a clothes line.  

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  1. The clothes hanging from the line are so cute! I like the quilt you are planning to make - nice areas for the quilting to show.


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