Friday, June 10, 2011

Sunbonnet Sue Quick Project

I sewed her up in the last couple of days while battling headaches.  I needed to do something that didn't take effort and I could go at a slower pace  with no pressure.  It does always help to have something to do when my head hurts to keep my mind less on it.

She was a panel that was on the freebie table at my quilt guild.  Since I do so many Sunbonnet Sue items, I decided I would take this one home . On the panels things don't always get printed to line up exactly right.  And she had more pieces than I was thinking, so she was more work.  My brain thought that she was a front and back to sew together and that was it.  That's why I started it with a headache.  But she was more and is pretty cute.


  1. bellissima la bambolina complimenti Any

  2. How adorable! She reminds me of Hollie Hobbie. She was a quicker project than the two antique quilts I've got in pieces, that's for sure!


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