Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Finished Jeans Quilt

Here it is all done.  Bonnie had a wool blanket she wanted to use for the back.  Since the whole thing was so thick I didn't use any batting.  It is a very heavy quilt as it is.

 I turned over the binding from the back and sewed it on my girl's industrial machine.  It would never have gone through mine.  I had to keep my eyes out for a couple of pocket snaps also so as not to break a needle.
And then I hand sewed the corners because it was all too thick for that machine also.  Bonnie loved the quilt.  It's always great to have a happy customer.

Aunt Naomi was never going to dote on her nieces and nephews.  She thought so many children get too many gifts from aunts and uncles.  But that was before she had a niece.  She thinks differently now.  She loves giving to Eloise.  Here is the newest item she got.

 She doesn't really walk with it yet, but she can hang on.  At least on our carpet, it doesn't move forward easily, so she doesn't loose control.  She is also learning to wave and say Bye-bye.

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  1. Oh, Aunt Naomi, Eloise has you wrapped around her little finger!! LOL (says me who didn't want to be a grandmother but adores her grandson and shops for him regularly!)

    That jeans quilt is amazing - I can almost feel how heavy it is!


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