Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Blue Jeans Quilt

I've been commissioned to make a quilt out of blue jeans.  Bonnie gave me a box of jeans and we discussed design and size and now I'm going for it.  She will get a backing and I will do some kind of quilting on it to hold it together.
Cutting took a little time.  I wanted to get the pockets on right and different brands of jeans have different cuts.  Here they are laid out in strips.

I like the pocket with the little leather name patch.

 I am trying to keep these hammer hangers also.

 They are now all sewn into strips.  The side seams will be interesting.  At least my daughters have a more industrial machine if I need to use it to go through all the thicknesses.


  1. Cute, love how you saved the pockets.

  2. I made a denim rag quilt once using flannel for my son. At the time I had an old crummy Singer machine. I called that quilt the "cussing quilt" due to all the expletives deleted while putting it together. It came out great and I had a lot of compliments on it, but I wish I'd used a better machine.

  3. I meant to say using flannel for the backing.

  4. Now that would be an interesting challenge!


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