Monday, January 3, 2011

Doily #5 for Naomi

This one I started last summer on our vacation, then came home and put it away.  So on this last little vacation I took it out again and finished it a couple of days ago.  I wasn't going to wait for the next vacation.  You always have to figure out where you left off and what you are doing.  That's more work than it's worth.

 This is a larger one that just fits this table and has a ring of flowers in it.  As I was doing this Naomi gave me more direction on what she likes.  No flowers.  And she wants other colors.  I had thought she only wanted white.  And she likes more than just round ones.  I'm sure I'll find out more as we go on.

The photo I used (which I couldn't get a good picture of) is the wedding photo of my maternal grandparents.  This would have been in the mid or late 20's.

The doily all by itself.

The sleepers. Uncle Jordan and Eloise.  They both must have worked hard that day.

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  1. That doily is absolutely beautiful! But I must say the last picture is pretty special too.


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