Friday, August 1, 2014

Bev's Quilt

This quilt was given to me to quilt by Bev.  I don't know the history of it, but it is an older quilt with beautiful embroidered squares.  It's one that made me envious that it wasn't mine.  But it was so much fun to quilt.

You get to enjoy looking at it with me.

 Some pics you can see the quilting better than others.  That's the only thing I did to it.

 This makes me want to embroider old patterns myself.  Or go to garage sales and find old pillowcases or other embroideries.

 I love the 30's fabrics surrounding the pieces.  I don't know if they are original or not.  They seem like they could be.


  1. Elaine that is a lovely quilt! I have three of those embroidery patterns and they were produced by the Superior Thread Company in the late 1930's, early 1940s. I wonder what decade the fabrics used would be? It is difficult to quilt a quilt like this and you did a magnificent job with it!

  2. Beautiful and fun at the same time. Love the quilting you did on it. Your customer will love it.


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