Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Progress on Part 8 - Love Entwined

It's been a beautiful summer.  I like to always take some time to sit on my porch and enjoy the fresh air, heat and activity outside.  So that is a good time for me to get some applique done and that is what I have been doing.

 I am so happy with my border.  I tried several methods on the center square and had problems coming up with a good plan.  This time I cut the pieces roughly 1/4" larger than the actual size.  I ironed one edge under and sewed that to my line on the fabric.  Then I needle turned the rest.  It worked really smoothly and I like the look.  This quilt is solely needle turn.  No freezer paper or floriani etc.  

 It does mean a lot of trimming so the points aren't too puffy, but it's well worth it.

 I'm doing the other border triangles with the same method.  Drawing the quilt on the fabric properly really helps in getting things right.  By the time I'm done with this quilt, I'll be a great appliquer.  I'll probably want to do the center over again because the outside borders will look so much better than the center.

 For the stems, I cut bias strips 7/8" wide. I press one edge and applique that down.  Then I trim the seam and also trim about an eighth inch off the other side.  This makes for a very narrow stem but easy to work with. In these borders, I will embroider the tiny stems coming off the main stem.

 I've also just learned that I can make my backside look neat.  When quilting an applique quilt with a white background, there are problems when you can see a dark thread on the inside hanging loose.  I don't know why I was so dumb as to not do this before, but now all my ends go underneath the applique itself hidden in there.  My back looks so nice and neat now.


  1. I admire any and all that are doing the LE quilt. I do not feel up to that challenge.

  2. Hi Elaine how lovely that you can sit on your porch and work on your lovely LE. Thanks for sharing your progress with it I always enjoy seeing how others work on their quilts. I'm still procrastinating over those Oak leaves, I have done one and it was so difficult, I think I have solved the problem finally the silk I used is heavy and shreds so much, I may have to take the first one out and try another silk fabric. Reading your blog made me think out side the box so many thanks. Finally now my oak leaves may get done LOL. Cheers Glenda

  3. Elaine these details are so beautiful, your quilt blocks don't just look beautiful, they 'feel' beautiful too. I will be applique-ing the stems on my red and white LE. Embroidery is such a lot of work and now that I've started it on mine, I'm actually falling in love with applique versions again!! And I really love your zig zag fabric choice - it just works so well. Thanks for posting, can't wait to see more as you progress.


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