Thursday, August 7, 2014


Yes, here is Aslan.  He is on the move.  Winter is over and he is in Narnia.

 I had no pattern.  I couldn't find a lion that I liked so I made this one up. For the legs and body, I used a cat 
pattern to some degree.  That worked well.

 I had more problems with the head.  I had to do it twice.  By the time I finished on the second one, I was ready to accept it and be done.  The mane is 1 skein of yarn.  It could use more but that will work.

 Here is Aslan standing with Peter.

 The backside of Aslan with his tail.

 Eloise is putting the girls on Aslan so that he can  take them for a ride.

Here they are flying to set people free.

 Peter and Edmund with Aslan.


  1. Isabella will love playing with these!

  2. Very nice! I was really surprised to see how big Aslan was when I saw him with Eloise. What a great toy!


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