Friday, August 8, 2014

August Potholders

I got these done early this month.  Because of our vacation and other things, last months were done later.  I like to give them as birthday gifts, so I make new ones every month.  Every time someone uses one of my potholders, they think of me.  It's like a prayer or a blessing.

 This month I used some Hawaiian scraps.

 These are small hand mitts.

 See how it's used.  You won't burn these on your flame.

The tutorial for these are here.


  1. very pretty, I'm sure someone will be very happy to receive them

  2. I love the small hand mitts, great practical idea.

  3. I love the vibrant blue solid you used in the first potholders. It really pulls out the blues in the floral fabrics.

  4. Lovely, Elaine! Great birthday gifts!

  5. Thanks for the hand mitt link. I especially like the fabric combo on that one too.


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