Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Emma Makes a Quilt

My daughter gives sewing lessons to many young girls and also some adults.  The youngest start by sewing squares together to make a small quilt and then they move on to making clothing.  Emma (who is 6) has moved on to making clothing for herself and others but she decided she wanted to make a  quilt for her bed.  She got the top together and then she wanted to quilt it on my machine.
I gave her a sheet of paper and had her practice doing continuous line drawing with a pencil.  She got the hand of that.  We then did a practice piece on the machine.  She did quite well.  She had a handle of the machine and didn't freak out when things went on.  It was great. 
And so she did her quilt.
 It looks like a big machine for a little girl, doesn't it.  

 It was so nice spending some special time with her and conversing about different things, finding out what she likes to do, etc.  It's a way to build friendships.
Here she is with her finished quilt.


  1. Good job Emma! You're 6 and free-motion quilting already. I'm 60 and still haven't attempted to do that yet!!

  2. Way to go Emma!! Your quilt is beautiful and so are you :)

  3. How very special for her - a first quilt and a first quilting - super job Emma!!

  4. Wow, you go girl. Can't wait to see what you do next. Wonderful quilt.

  5. Emma is not only adorable with a bright sunny smile she is very accomplished with needle and thread. Great job Emma...your quilt is beautiful! Creative Quilting Bliss...


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