Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Love Entwined Part 7 - Completed

Now the center piece is all done.

 Here are 2 renditions that I am considering especially as border colors.
Let me know which you like better.
 I haven't done all the color changes.  I'm just considering things.


  1. This looks wonderful! I'm just finishing part three and getting ready to start my bouquets. In regards to your borders, I think it all depends on whether you want the quilt to read warmer or cooler. I like the warmer colors on the borders. Maybe lay out both colors and look at them. I'm discovering that Love Entwined seems to have a mind of its own concerning the colors it wants in it. Good luck!

  2. Looking so pretty Elaine! I like option 2 the best.

  3. Beautiful center, Elaine. I favor option 2.

  4. I agree with JoanG it really depends on whether you want a warm or cool look. Although it is hard to tell on my iPad I think the second makes the centre more like a bright jewel. The first one looks rich but unless you put white in between the two gold borders it may look muddy....that may just because of my iPad colour though. Wow what a lot of work! Beautiful!


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