Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A Canning Cupboard Without the Work of Canning

 Over the last couple of years, I collected fruit and vegetable fabrics.  I made potholders with some, but I still have quite a bit.

So I decided to make a plan for a canning cupboard.  I've pinned several that I am using as examples of what I want.  It's not the kind of quilt you want to cuddle up in (with all this food hanging on you?) so I am making it into a wall hanging that could hang in someone's kitchen, I hope.  I have no wall space in mine. I just like the idea of making it.
It was quite fun just drawing it out.
I think maybe the round jar should be candies.

As I  took these fabrics out of the bin they were stored in, I saw that I had other project ideas and fabrics in there also.  I had forgotten about these.  Hmmm....

Here is a list of all my WIP's this far.

Canning wallhanging - get all fabrics together
Stefan and Sue's quilt - design
Vivien's baby quilt - think about
Grace's baby quilt - think about

I hope I get to the think about's. This list does not include what was in the bin. They will have to be on the way back burner.

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  1. thats going to look real nice when you put it together!! nice and cheerful


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