Friday, January 17, 2014

A Couple Pairs of Socks

I've been knitting for a few years now, but had never knitted socks, except for booties and baby socks.
So I thought I'd give it a try.  I had bought yarn for this project a while back knowing that I wanted to do it sometime.  I also like lace knitting so that was the type of sock I wanted to do.  Straight stockinette?  No,no.
But as you can see, of course with the yarn I chose you can not see the pattern at all. I'll have to do it again with a more solid yarn.

While knitting, my granddaughter who is always interested in what I'm making, asked me what it was.  When I told her I was making socks, she told me that I should make her some also.  What's a grandma to do?  Make her some also.

 These are a lace knit also with a solid yarn.  You can see the pattern on this pair.

 The socks are also a little large for her.  But that means they'll last a while.  She likes them.


  1. Doesn't she look gorgeous in her lacy socks! I love lace knitting and picot edges, but have never seen them on socks before. What fun!

  2. Sweet! I'm also a sock knitter. It's something I can do and not think too much....if I do plain simple socks, not lace. Your's look great

  3. Fun socks! I tried this once and only got halfway up the foot. With the tiny yarn they take forever! It's like making an afghan per foot. Good job getting two pair done and they look fabulous! Thanks for linking up with TGIFF.


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