Monday, December 23, 2013

Saturday's Project

Saturdays always bring me into a different space.  I'm never sure if my husband is going to want to just hang out and read or work on some project.  If he reads, I like to have some handwork so I can sit with him.  If he finds a project to do, then I work on the sewing machine or other things.  
This Saturday was a day that he helped my son tear up his deck, so I found a sewing project to do.  I remembered some quilt squares that were given to me by a friend.  She was learning embroidery on her then new machine and was going to make a quilt.  I guess she decided she wasn't a quilter, so she gave me the embroidered squares. 

 I trimmed all the squares to the size I decided upon and with the other fabrics she gave me I took the green and made the sashings. 

 It was all a very easy put together.  One of the easiest quilts I've ever done.

Now it's just the borders.  I will go out and buy a flowered fabric for the outside border.

I think it will make a nice feminine lap quilt.


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