Monday, January 13, 2014

Clara's Quilt

Clara is 7 months old. She is finally in her crib and I finally finished her quilt.  

 I am a fan of Sunbonnet Sue so I had her incorporated into this quilt.

 Juliet is enjoying a romp in Clara's crib.

 The applique is all fused on. The stitching happened with the quilting.

 And here is Clara.  You'll here more about her sweater and hat tomorrow.

While I was taking those pics, I also took pics of Eloise and Juliet on their beds with the quilts that I made for them.

So far I'm able to keep up with each grandchild.

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  1. What gorgeous quilts you have made for yout grandchildren! I'm so glad to see you're not afraid to do applique for them. Now is the applique raw edge or does it have a seam allowance? Just love them. ANd all three girls are so precious!!


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