Friday, January 31, 2014

Harold the Handyman

In the Village of Little Dumpling lives a man named Harold the Handyman.  He's very good at fixing many things, especially flat tires.  Here he has just completed fixing one of those tires for Lord Lancelot.

 He makes sure he keeps his rag on him to wipe his hands.

 Great fix job.

 This is a Jean Greenhowe doll  from her Little Dumpling Collection.

 Such little pieces but really easy to do.  It just takes basic knitting skills.

 I really like his hat.

 We are gearing up for the Superbowl.  We've actually been geared up all season long waiting for this moment to happen. I don't have a jersey, hat or any of that stuff.  My children (adults that they are) are wearing Seahawks clothing all week long.
But I do know how to make some desserts.  Here's my Seahawk dessert that I made for my family gathering
last night.
Go Hawks!!!


  1. This little guy is lovely. I've never seen a knitted mechanic. My mum has a knitted gardener, but this little man would be great for little boys. Well done.


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