Monday, December 30, 2013

Rose of Sharon

We  took a little vacation last week and I started a new applique project on this trip.  It was from a magazine I had laying around.  I want to get rid of these old magazines, but I also want to do some projects out of them.  This is one.
It is from the Quilters Newsletter Magazine  July/August 2005


And here is my rendition of the first square.

 These are 8" squares, very small for applique.  I am doing needleturn, although the book says to do fusable.
I can see why.  It's just with such classic designs I like to do needleturn.  It is a challenge.
The second square is on it's way.
This will be a good football project during the playoffs.

 Come back tomorrow for some pics of our trip.


  1. What a great quilt it's going to be. In what magazine did you find your project?

  2. It's a very pretty block. In 12", the needleturn would probably have been easier, but this looks perfectly nice. It will be a lovely wall quilt.

  3. Snap. I too am doing 8 1/2" square, needle turn, Rose of Sharon and I'm coming into the home stretch.


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