Monday, November 5, 2012

Lots of Violets

 This has been an easy quilt to put together, but not without it's troubles.
 Cutting strips

 Sewing them into strip sets.

 The set came out skewed.  I couldn't figure out what my problem was.
Then at my quilt guild the next day, I learned all about it.

The feed dogs feed the bottom fabric through.  The presser foot pushes the top fabric through at a different rate.  It stretches it.  So your straight seaming doesn't look straight.  What to do about that?
That keeps them both properly together.
 (Sample piece)

 I hardly ever pin in quilting.  But I just may take the time to do that more now. I did have to frog (rippit,rippit) a few rows, but not all.  But I am pinning a lot more now.

 The top is together.

The applique is getting ready.

My grandchildren have been on vacation for a week and they will still be gone for a while longer.  I guess I'm spoiled.  When you live right next door, you really notice them missing.  Here's a pic from a couple of weeks ago.  Eloise with her friend Izzy.  Izzy is big sister to the baby getting this quilt, Violet.

 Have you heard the song, Sweet Violet?    Dinah Shore sings it and it's pretty sweet and funny.


  1. What an awesome quilt for a baby Violet. :D

  2. Beautiful colors--I love yellow and lavendery purples together. Cute grandbabies!

  3. Yes, I've learnt to pin more too -- any lesson is a good lesson if it saves us trouble in the long run!

  4. Very sweet! We can't wait to see the final product. Violet is very thankful ;-) That song is pretty sweet too.

  5. Violet is getting a very sweet quilt, and that song is hilarious!


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