Wednesday, November 21, 2012

House Mug Rug

It seems to me a mug rug is a way to practice quilted pictures on a small scale.  I've always been fascinated by house quilts and want to make a larger one, but this is good practice.
I started by making a drawing.

 I fused all my cut piece and here they are one the cloud background.

I then added the batting and backing and zig zagged everything into place.

I'm thinking next time I wouldn't do it that way.  I don't like how the back looks.

 I will do some quilting on it and then bind it.  Maybe that will get done today.


  1. Hi Elaine would you believe I did not know what a mug rug was????? SO I went on google and searched through images Ohhh boy there are so many beautiful and unusual ones; and yes I agree what a wonderful way to learn quilting on a small scale. I visited one quilters site and she had gone to a recycling shop just to purchased 12 unusual mugs just so she could make a mug rug to go with them, it was such a fun site and her wee quilts so much like the mug designs. Thanks for sharing as I'm much wiser now. Cheers Glenda au

  2. No, I've never made a mug rug either....yours is lovely! I have a lot of vintage floral 'mugs' that could inspire some beautiful mini floral applique quilts... oh no, another idea for a WIP!


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