Monday, January 17, 2011

Sunbonne Sue

Here is my Sunbonnet Sue (from the vintage squares) quilted and washed.  I washed it because I had blue marks for the quilting all over it.  It does have that old look now.

 I  was disappointed with how the quilting looks after the wash.  I did some antique flower patterns a bit revised to fit around the Sue's.  I didn't want too much quilting in the squares because the muslin is old and not a tight fabric.  I didn't want to wreck it.  You can see the flower pattern a little bit here, but it does not show up well at all.

 On this square you can't really see it at all.  The background is a busy print so that does not help on the backside either.   I also didn't quilt inside the Sue's, just around them, so their dresses puff up quite a bit.

But the quilt is for me or my daughter if she wants it, so it's not going too far.  I do love Sunbonnet Sue's.


  1. love that Sue pattern. Your quilt is lovely

  2. Such pretty ladies. What a wonderful quilt.


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