Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Knitting for Boys

Ian came over this morning to pose for some sweaters that I made in the past few weeks for boys.  They are both different sizes but he looked great in each of them.

This sweater was made from some yarn I've had sitting around.  It is a nylon/acrylic.  I  like the softness and the way it knit up.  This isn't the type of yarn I buy any more though.  I've gotten some knowledge and taste for better yarns.

The pattern is a Sirdar pattern. It is the hat and cardi.   You can go to Ravelry to find out more.  It is also in our Etsy shop.

 This next sweater is a Debbie Bliss sweater.  The hat is my own.  I had enough yarn left to do a hat, so it became part of the outfit.

Ian really liked his binky in these photos.   The yarn is a silk alpaca which is very soft.  It worked well in this sweater.  The blue goes with Ian's eyes.

Ian's having fun.  I really should have a video, then you'd have the sounds and the full effect.

This sweater is also on Ravelry and will soon be in our Etsy shop.


  1. Where ever did you find such a handsome modal? ; )

  2. I'm glad to see you found a baby boy to model for you! :-) As always, the outfits are adorable.


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