Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dolly Dingle? Play Mat

What started out as a wall hanging is now really a play mat.  This mat was a lot of fun.  I put Dolly Dingle in my title because my husband said these girls look like the Campbell Soup girl and Dolly Dingle came up in all those images as I searched.
I found out I didn't need velcro.  The flannel works by itself quite well.  This mat has been child tested and approved.  That was also encouraging.

This was a good first background.  I have ideas for the next ones also, but they'll take more expertise, especially figuring out how to store the clothing.  This doll ends up having 10 dresses and several hats.

 When I decided it was a play mat, I made it roll upable and easy  to carry or store.  I've put it for sale in my daughters'  Etsy shop.

I'm going through Eloise withdrawals.  I don 't know how you grandma's that don't live close to your grandbabies handle it.  I am very blessed to live so close to Eloise.

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  1. Oh how my daughter would have loved this as a wee one.....it is absolutely delightful! Thanks so much for popping over my way and for such kind words.

    Happy Sewing,
    natalie jo


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