Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My Apron Week

Last week I spent sewing aprons and hot pads.  Aprons take fabric that is delightful to use that you don't have to cut into small pieces like you do for quilts.  I love fabrics and some of them that I buy are very hard to cut up.  Aprons are also easy to make.  

 I think on all of these aprons I altered the pattern to some degree, which took some thinking.  I really don't like brain work, but I know after the first time (if I don't take to long to make another) it'll be easier.

This cupcake fabric is the one I especially like. 

I even made a child's one from this fabric to match Mom.  The girls also made an apron from this fabric but used a lot more detail than I did.  It's very nice

And let's not forget the matching hot pads.


  1. your aprons look amazing! love the one with the little ruffle. ...loving the matching hot pads too!!!

  2. Very cute! My friend Raeanne and I started one today and I make take a couple ideas from your pictures to customize it a bit. Thanks!

  3. All turned out so cute! What pattern did you use on the first picture?


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