Saturday, July 3, 2010

Guernsey Style Sweater

This little girl is trying on one of my sweaters.
This is another Debbie Bliss pattern also from her book New Baby Knits.   
I enjoyed knitting the patterns in this sweater. It's fun to see what happens with them, when you just put knits and purls together with crossovers etc.

I knitted it with a cotton sport yarn.  The color is Moonsilk. Isn't it a lovely name.  The color is very nice.  
This little girl was also photographed in another of my sweaters almost a year ago.  She has grown since then, and is getting even cuter.  I sold quite a few of the other sweater.
The flowers looking down from my window upstairs.  This is the first year I've been able to do good with the clematis and I really like them.  The flowers are huge - several inches across.

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  1. Darling model and beautiful sweater!

    Your clematis is lovely. I have two they are both about 3 years old. Sometimes it takes a few years for them to get established. This year mine were wonderful ---makes me happy!


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