Friday, January 18, 2013

Practice Piece

I had a little time with nothing on my machine.  This piece of Joanne's enthralled me, so I just had to copy her to try this kind of quilting. 
Here is my rendition, quite a bit like hers.

 I did not use a double layer of batting as I had now wool batting on hand. The squares had airy puffs to them.  You can poke them down with your finger if you like.

 I loved doing the scribbling between the squares. I think the thread gives it a nice look.  I just used my King Tut, not a shiny one.

The cathedral windows turned out pretty nice also.  I have always admired them in other people's quilts, but never had tried them myself.  I was happy with them.

My corner design is a little different than Joanne's.  No template here.  I just did a Pam Clark method of making a block.

Now Eloise has a new satin baby blanket for her dolls.


  1. Very nice! Did you have any troubles working on the satin, or was it just like quilting on cotton? The backing is satin, too?

  2. You did a FANTASTIC job on this!!!!!! Spectacular to look at it! You must be a experienced quilter at FMQ.

  3. How pretty! I really love the way the satin plays up your quilting!! Whoop whoop!!


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