Friday, January 11, 2013

Baby Doll Quilt

A couple of my young adult children went to an antique sale and came home with a baby doll crib for me. It is really for me and Eloise can play with it.
I got a piece of foam from a friend and made a mattress that I covered and then made a sheet and pillowcase. I think I'll have to make a whole set of sheets so that Eloise can learn to make a bed that way. 
Then I made a quilt.

 I pieced the top, and added rick-rack to the edge.  Then putting right sides together I put the backing on.
After that I quilted it.  It left too much fullness in the quilt top.  I don't think I like that method.

 Eloise got to  tuck her baby in for night-night.

And then rock her to sleep.


 Good night.


  1. I waited until I was sixty years old to start collecting doll cribs/beds/cradles. I love making little quilted doll quilts.

    Love the photos of your GD playing with her doll.

  2. That's so cute -- I love the rick rack!

  3. Adorable. Really wonderful. I have a soft spot in my heart for such projects! Your's turned out beautiful!

  4. I just love this post! What an adorable bed and quilt. And I love that Eloise's doll has red hair, too!!

  5. I was thinking what an adorable quilt, until I saw your adorable Eloise!! Love that red hair! Whoop whoop!!


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