Friday, January 25, 2013


No finishes this week.  Just a couple of starts.  The farm in my last post takes up so much energy that I knew I'd better get another project going in which I don't have to think.  When you have to plan and try things, make decisions and such like it does take a lot out of you and I know I get ready to give it a little break.
So I started this quick and easy project to do in between times.  I'm copying an idea that I really liked from here.  Now these girls probably used a cutter which I don't have.  It takes quite a bit of work to get each ornament looking the same.  Hopefully when I stitch around them that'll even them up a bit (I just might really be dreaming). 
It is using up a few of those small scraps that I have much of and it is fun cutting them one by one.  This is just another doll sized quilt, so it doesn't take much.

It shouldn't be too long til you see the finished product.


  1. That's really pretty, Elaine! Whoop whoop for a fresh start!!

  2. What a fun quilt that is going to be! Nothing like starting a new project. If we only had that same 'feeling' for finishing some of these projects we start eh?


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