Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Maybe I'm On a Scarf Roll

 When my family went to Seaside over Christmas, my husband and I took a nice little walk to the local yarn store.  It used to be a quilt shop that I loved, but that one is gone now.  Yarn is about as nice.
My husband is very encouraging to my hobbies and when we go together to a shop, he encourages me to buy.  Isn't that nice.  I tend to be stingy on myself and only buy a good sale. Actually I found some mohair on a good sale and can't wait to find the right pattern to use it.
But I also splurged on a couple of specialty yarns for scarves that looked fun. And they were. 

 This is one of those yarns that expands in the knitting.  It's like a netting.  I really like how it works.

This one is from a mohair, very soft.

  You cast on the long ways and increase to double it several times.  That' how it gets the curl


  1. Gorgeous gorgeous! I love to knit when Im too tired to sit at my machine. popping in from W.I.P. wednesday : )

  2. You are on a scarf roll and each are absolutely beautiful!
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  3. My mother in law and I went in to town on Thursday and a lady had a similar scarf on. It was gorgeous and so is yours!

  4. Beautiful scarves and so is your model!

  5. They are adorable. Good for you.

  6. They turned out just gorgeous!

  7. I love your scarfs!! They look really nice.

  8. I like your scarves... and your models! :-)
    -Sarah T


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