Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Micro Preemie Hats

A friend of a friend of mine just had a baby at 24 weeks.  The baby is tiny, under 2#.  My friend asked me to make some hats for the baby. I did them in several sizes so the baby could grow into them as she needs them.  I even made up my own sizes.
The first 2 hats are sized 0P.  This fits a baby under 2".  The circumference is 9".  Imagine that.
This first one is crocheted from a pattern at Rosie's Cozies.  She made hers to fit the same size baby, so I figured it would work.

Then  I knitted one that I made the same size.  I put 2 pom-poms on it.  I do like knitted hats better than crocheted because they have some stretch to them.  Ravelry page.

The next size I call a 1P.  it should fit a 2-3# baby.
My ravelry page lets you have a pretty good idea how this was done.

This is the same pattern as a hat I made for Eloise when she was born.  She got lots of compliments while in the hospital wearing it.  She was under 4# and it fit her well.

 This is the largest one I made and it is still preemie sized.  It's a pattern I'd never done before and sure is cute. I like the bow on it.  Check it out here.

 Hope you enjoyed this micro Preemie hat show.


  1. Hi Elaine your preemie hats are so cute. Your post also came at just the right time as I was looking for new preemie patterns for my guide group who are knitting items for prems for their community action.

  2. She must be tiny! Those are all such cute hats though- she'll be the best dressed baby in the hospital :)

  3. Awww It's s sweet of you to make these for her. :)


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