Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I used to do some of that when I was a child.  At least, I'd drive the tractor for my dad while he picked up bales of hay.  I did that til my brother was old enough to take over. Then it was his turn.

My new quilt is the farm I grew up on.  I hope it'll have some resemblance to it when I'm done anyways. 

It's just the pick out fabric and lay out stage right now.  I did do a rough drawing, but that's all it is.  I look at photos a lot also, but since we weren't digital, they are very limited, especially when it comes to the outbuildings.  A lot will be memory. But it is fun.



  1. What does the large pale fabric in front represent?

  2. This is really cool!!! Look at that sky fabric back there - PERFECT


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