Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sunbonnet Sue Shams Continued

In the last post concerning these shams, I was fusing the flowers onto the background.
That has been done and then I stitched them all down.  It's raw edge applique with stitching near the edge of the flowers and leaves.

I then cut all the pieces of the Sue's having ironed all the fabrics first on the fusable.  I then laid them on the release paper.  The paper is what I pulled off of  a big sheet of fabric after fusing.  It works great for laying things out properly.  See the girls ironed on to the fusable.

Here I'm building the picket fence on the release paper.  It's just like building a real fence, only not the muscle power.  I then peeled it off the paper and ironed it onto my project.

 Here she is all coming together.

 Oh, but I forgot about the borders.  So I didn't have enough backing or batting for them.  So I'm double siding the borders and fitting batting in them.  That kind of wore me out.  Thinking about my dumb mistake and how to solve the problem.  But it's working out.  I'm just doing some wavy quilting on the borders that should hold it together.

I'm linking this to Esther's WIP Wed.  Check it out to see what others are doing.


  1. I just found your blog. You make some wonderful quilts, so much detail! I hope to hear from you, I think we will have lots of things common.I'll be back.

  2. I like Sunbonnet Sue and her Scottie dog in the garden - brings back memories!

  3. Your quilt looks lovely, look forward to seeing its progress. Happy Stitching. Chris.

  4. thank you for posting on esthers blog so I could find your wonderful work. I especially appreciate the explaination of how it is done. Thanks for sharing.


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