Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Planting My Pots

I've gone shopping several times in the past week for different plants.  I was especially looking for ones that I could put into spare pots that I have sitting around.
I received 2 self-watering pots for my birthday.  I never had any of these before so we'll see how they work. This one has an African Violet.  My grandmother used to have lots of these flowers sitting in her kitchen window sill.  She loved caring for them, I think, especially when she was older and didn't have a garden anymore.

This one is sitting on my porch.  It is a New Guinea Impatiens.

I bought other annuals that are favorites of mine, but get expensive if you get a lot to put in the ground.  So I thought I'd try them in pots.

And this Gerbera Daisy that I put into this potted arrangement that I already had.

We also made hanging baskets for our porch.  I usually do petunias but was ready this year to try something a little more extravagant.  I got a recipe from BH&G and went to my local nursery.  They did not have those plants but showed me substitutes.  I got my geraniums for half price because the flowers were dying.  The plant itself looked great though.  I spent $30 per basket and have 8 of them.  It got spendy.  I thought maybe next year I could do just as well buying them already planted.  Hopefully they'll look great when they are full and blooming.

I also got some herbs.  I already have chives and oregano and this one.  I don't know what it is.

 This is my new rosemary.  My old ones died.


and Pineapple Sage

I have basil seeds started in a pot in the house.
I also got several flats of annuals to plant outside around the house.  Impatiens for the north side and petunias for the south side.
Hopefully, I 'll be able to show you pics later of lots of blooms.

Here is one great bloom.  She is getting cuter every day.  Look how well she sits up now.  She was out enjoying the nice weather yesterday and getting a good look around.

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